Name: Andrey Antukh / Антух Андрей Андреевичь
Location: Madrid (Spain)
Twitter: @niwibe

Small description:

Python hacker and Clojure enthusiast. Specialized on full-stack web development.

Skills & Expertise (large description):

More than 4 years of experience with Python and Django using a lot of third party libraries of python and django ecosystem like: celery, tornado, gevent; and developing libraries like django-redis and django-jinja. Also, I have some contributions on core of django 1.5 and 1.6.

My second language with 2 years experience is Javascript (or CoffeScript). Currently I have some skills as frontend developer using AngularJS or Backbone.Js (Greenmine is one of my opensource projects developer entirely with coffescript and AngularJS).

Clojure is my hobby language (one of the best languages that exists). I do not have much professional experience with it, but I have done some small libraries that are available in my github page.

Out of programming, I have some knowledge of PostgreSQL (performance tuning and high availability setup), Redis, Nginx and RabbitMQ.

Other minor details:

Git is my first election for code version control, but I have worked with mercurial and subversion.

I use emacs as ide or text editor and Archlinux with DWM as window manager.